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Artist David Sherwin Parker recently wrote about fly fishing in and around the Sheridan area and The Powder Horn Golf Community. We thought you might enjoy reading his impressions, accompanied by his some of his wonderful artworks:

Fly Fishing Paradise

All Fly Fishing enthusiasts know the three keys to successful fishing are Location, Location, and Location. However, fly fishing isn’t just about catching fish, but the totality of the experience. The adventure, connecting with nature’s bountiful beauty, and losing one’s self in the Zen-like trance while focusing all your attention on a complex task are all part of the sport’s magic.

Naturally, the excitement and euphoria of latching onto a running, leaping painted gem as it races through crystal clear water is a sensation that makes all the effort and care so worth-while, etching all the combined experiences into one bundle of joy.

Fly Fishing at Powder Horn, WY

As a known devotee of the fly fishing art, (with a reputation not for being a great fisherman, but more for genuinely enjoying the endeavor more than most), I’m often asked “where’s the best place on the planet to pursue the sport?”

Having explored the possibilities for decades, the answer is obvious. I always reply northern Wyoming on the Montana border.

That’s when I pull out a map and prove my case.

I learned to fish on the Big Horn, one of the most epic trout rivers in the world. From there I then tested my luck on the other famous rivers in the area: The Yellowstone, the Madison, the Wind River, and the Jefferson.

Fly Fishing Paradise Found

Pointing to the map, I then declare: “Big Goose Creek, Rock Creek, The Shoshone River, Tensleep Creek, Shell Creek, and the Ruby River, just to name a few, are where fly fishing paradise can be found.”

Naturally, the next question I’m always asked concerns real estate: “Where should I buy a home that would be the absolute ideal location to pursue my love for fly fishing?”

That’s when I draw a circle around all the great waters mentioned above and plunk my finger down in the middle, right on top of Sheridan, Wyoming. I then say, “If you want peace, harmony, with all the conveniences of modern living near a picturesque town, and easy access to fly fishing paradise, go here.”

Getting specific, I next say, “The best place in fly fishing paradise to live is at The Powder Horn just south of Sheridan. Little Goose Creek flows through it, the views are spectacular, and the people are the best in the world.”

~ David Sherwin Parker

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